How to Repair a Fireplace

If your fireplace has recently started to emit smoke, Fireplace Repair Las Vegas might be all that is needed. Smoke may come from a blocked flue, damaged chimney caps, or dirt or creosote deposits. While cleaning will resolve these issues, you may have to replace damaged parts in some cases. Another repair that can cost hundreds of dollars is patching the floor. This task should be done carefully because the heat can damage the materials under the holes.


In some cases, a crack in mortar could be the culprit. A cracked mortar joint is often a cause of water leaking from the chimney. A rusted damper, firebox, or mortar may be other signs of a leak. Excess moisture could also damage the walls around the chimney. Eventually, a cracked chimney could collapse. A chimney repair expert can help you determine the cause of water damage and fix it accordingly.

While the minor deterioration in a firebox can be repaired without major repairs, more serious cases may require a new firebox insert. In extreme cases, replacing the entire fireplace is recommended. Damaged masonry may have resulted from natural disasters or a homeowner accidentally burning something in the fireplace. In such cases, you should call a fireplace repair service to address the issue and bring it up to code. This will prevent further damage from occurring.

While fireplace repair is an important part of home maintenance, preventative maintenance can also develop large problems. Regular inspection of the firebox will help you identify weak spots in the construction of the fireplace. You can also contact a professional for an expert inspection. Cleaning the fireplace is another step that should be taken to avoid future problems. You should remove excess ash and clean the mantel, tile, and grout. If any of these tasks are difficult for you, consider hiring a professional to do them for you.

For a more extensive repair, you can consider repairing the stone surround. The cost of fixing a concrete fireplace surround ranges from $250 to $800, and the repair can be as simple as applying caulk to cracks or joints. The cost for this will depend on the size of the crack or how extensive the damage is. A professional can repair your fireplace while protecting it from water damage and other problems. This can help you prevent costly repairs in the future.

Performing basic repairs is also a good idea if you’re experienced with DIY. Some simple repairs can be done by yourself, such as caulking or repointing. However, you should seek professional assistance if you’re new to fireplace repair as these repairs are not easy to carry out. If you have experience in fireplaces or general DIY, you may be able to repair your fireplace yourself. It can be costly to hire a professional for this, but the cost can be worth it.

You may hire a professional service that responds quickly and gets the job done right the first time. In addition, these professionals provide free second opinions on competitor-written estimates. This is a good sign. You’ll be pleased with the results. The technicians also clean up the job site thoroughly. After the repair, customers have reported that the technician is professional and courteous. Attributes to these positive qualities make a great experience with them.

Gas fireplaces require extensive cleaning before the repair can begin. You should first test the internal gas ignition and make sure there are no leaks. You can also check for gas leaks by running water mixed with dish soap through the vents and ports. If you spot bubbles, the fireplace might need a professional to fix it. After you’ve cleaned all of these parts, it’s time to vacuum the interior to make sure the gas doesn’t leak out.

Wood-burning fireplaces may require expert masonry repairs. This is because loose bricks and mortar can cause fires. In addition, Masons can repair chimneys that are eroding due to rainwater. Prices for masons range from $70 to $110 per hour, and chimney rebuilding can cost up to $5,000. However, these are still very affordable compared to many other repairs. If you’re unsure how to fix your fireplace, call a professional and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Angelia Haas